Hunt Collective


With years of experience in and around the fashion industry – writing and styling for several publications, running a fashion business, and working closely with New Orleans Fashion Week for the past 4 seasons – designing a collection was the clearest next step for Lana. Joined by her seamstress mother and architect sister, she created HUNT COLLECTIVE, a clothing brand combining each of the creative Hunts’ keenest talents. Only formerly trained in fashion design for a year, Lana is a lifelong understudy of her mother, Sherlyn. Together, armed with original artwork of Danielle, Lana’s sister, HUNT COLLECTIVE will premiere its first collection, Ella & Willie Nelson (S/S 14), at New Orleans Fashion Week. Sleek lines, original prints, a muted color palette and the most luxurious silks compose the premiere grouping.

The Hunts three are from Zachary, Louisiana. The daughters have both tested the waters in other states, Lana in California and Danielle in New York, but ultimately they are a Louisiana family through and through.

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